So, you did it – you finally met a woman online that attract you. The online chat was amazing and she agreed to reveal her phone number. As you know, a phone call is a next step in your effort to meet her face to face.
According to many experts in this area, the impression you leave after the first phone call is the most important one. Having her phone number is a success on its own, but you still have to work for a date. The good thing is that there are a few tips that can help your online dating ventures once you get her phone number.

Write down the topics

Prior to making this important call and considering all the dating options you have, you must write down a few interesting topics that you can use while you are talking on the phone. Think about the things you’ve talked about online and continue these conversations. Check her profile and analyze her interests. Write down some questions. You should lead the conversation, but let her express herself.

Be respectful

The art of seduction strictly forbids doing a few things that can ruin your chances to get into serious relationships. For instance, you should not talk about her ex-boyfriends or her male friends at this time. Don’t act like a police interrogator and insist on revealing things that she doesn’t want to talk about. You can definitely ruin your chances of falling in love if you are not respectful.
In case you notice that her answers to your questions are very short or you are not getting any response from her, then there’s something wrong. You may be talking about things she doesn’t want to talk about or she is not interested. In case she ends the conversation quickly, don’t call her back. Leave her room to call you back.
Finally, don’t forget that talking on the phone with a woman should be more or less a spontaneous thing. You should both have fun, flirt, laugh and have a good time.

Don’t use the first phone call to compliment her all the time

That’s right. It’s a good idea to completely avoid complimenting her. Of course, complimenting women is a good thing, but if you really want to make things work, then you should leave these compliments for the time when you meet face to face. Otherwise, you will look weak in her eyes and women are not thinking about marriage when their potential partner is weak.
Don’t forget that most women want to know why men they’ve found online want to talk to them instead of someone else. Use the answer to this question to highlight a few compliments. This will make you look clever in her eyes and she’ll be flattered too.
In case talking on the phone goes easily and without any hassles and if she is quite chatty and you managed to talk for 30 minutes or more, then you should definitely ask her for a real date. It’s very likely that she will accept your suggestion.
Use these tips no matter what kind of relationships you are looking for – from foreign brides to local ladies looking for open relationships.

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